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Westwood Ski and Sport Club is a member of the Rokka League which is a division of the L.A. Council of Ski Clubs. Westwood was the Champion of the league for three years. LA Council is composed of two leagues Rokka and ULLR, and racers may race in any of the two leagues and many do. Racing is divided by age, ability and type of race, so you will only race against people at the same level as you are. It's a lot of fun, even for a novice who snow plows, and soon becomes very addicting. It's a great habit.

All club sponsored trips are during race weekends and most will take place at Mammoth Mountain or June Mountain in California. During the race weekend, the club will help you to find low cost housing, transportation and we always have a special Saturday Night Dinner to celebrate our wins, or cry for our losses.


Masako Masuda, Kim Wentworth, Scott Peer, and Marcie Pettigrew celebrate their victory in the team GS at the Mammoth Ski Club Appreciation Party, 2005

The format of Racing is:
GS - Giant Slalom - a wide, open set of gates where skiers can really feel the need for speed.
SL - Slalom- a tight set of gates where skiers are challenged in their ability to make precise turns. 
Dual - a side by side race, with the faster skier winning and advancing to the next round."

For further information or to sign up, contact

  Scott Peer 
(818) 500-0488



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